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Youth Specialty Programs

No Summer Session

If you are looking for something for your kids, check out our Summer Camp options.

Summer Camp


Afterschool Crafts Club - Grades 1-5

This after school program will provide participants the opportunity to learn about and create a wide variety of craft projects, from pearler beads, and friendship bracelets to clay sculptures! New crafts projects will be offered each week in this casual, fun, low stress after school program. Beyond just an opportunity for creativity and personal expression, kids will be able to take their crafts home at the end of the session.


Afterschool Spanish Language Club - Grades 1-5

Does your student have an interest in learning a new language but doesn't know where to start? Try out our Afterschool Spanish Club on Thursday afternoons, where students, regardless of their familiarity with the language, will get an opportunity to learn something new and walk away with some basic vocabulary and phrases -- the perfect start to a future in learning the language! Taught by an instructor fluent in Spanish and trained in youth development, this is a low-pressure, exploratory class perfect for those curious about trying Spanish out.

Afterschool STEM Club- Grades 1-5

Join us after school for a fun time in STEM, this allows kids to explore project-based learning activities in science, technology, problem-solving, and engineering. This is hands-on learning that applies to the world around us. Kids are not required to bring anything with them, just themselves!


Homeschool PE - Grades 1-10 

Interested in a physical education class for your homeschooler? We offer the perfect place and space for this type of unique educational opportunity, with Youth Development staff leading students through a variety of lessons that promote fun, physical activity, and the building blocks for general wellness and a healthy lifestyle!


Middle School Activity Nights - Grades 6-8

Fridays (once a month) 7:30-10:00 PM

Once a month, the Y will host this supervised event for middle schoolers, who will have access to the facilities, including the pool, gym, and Community Room. A variety of sports, games, food, crafts, raffles, music, and more will be offered during this exclusive event for our middle school youth!


This activity is partially funded with a grant from Ignite Afterschool through the Minnesota Department of Education using federal funds, CFDA 84.425U, American Rescue Plan Act, Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund.