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Group Exercise

Healthy living through physical activity is central to the Y’s cause. The YMCA’s Group Exercise programs are fun and interactive ways to engage members in activity and positively impact their health. Join us in one of our many group exercise classes to find wellness and a supportive community!


July-August Schedule


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Find out more about each of our classes below!


We recommend that members register for classes in advance due to class capacity limits. Registration opens each Saturday morning at 9am for the upcoming week.  Nationwide members and guests who purchase a day pass are welcome to attend if space is available.


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Need to cancel a class you've registered for? Call us at 507-645-0088 to cancel an existing reservation. If you are unable to make it to class please let us know so, if there is someone on the waiting list, we can let them know a spot is available.


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Aqua Cardio Strength

Get your heart rate up with a low-impact, full body workout in the pool!

Barre Fit

Open to all fitness and experience levels, this class uses movements inspired by pilates, dance, yoga and more for a full body toning workout! 

Boot Camp

Superset strength training, fast transitions, with small rests between full sets of multiple separate strength moves. Small cardio warm up to start - stretch to finish off.

Butts & Guts

A combination of lower body, abs and lower back exercises to tone, sculpt and strengthen the lower body and core.

Cardio Dance Fitness

A mixture of traditional fitness moves and high-energy dancing set to modern pop/hip-hop music. 

Cardio Kickboxing

Get your heart rate up and build endurance with various punches, kicks and traditional fitness moves. This heart-pumping class incorporates choreographed fitness/kickboxing set to music.




A combination of strength and cardio exercises for a total body workout.

Core Circuits

A strong core leads to a strong body, better postures, and better self-awareness! Various strengthening exercises for the abdominals, back and hips will help midsection stability and strength.

Core De Force

Total body workout inspired by MMA-style training. Combines movements from boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian jui-jitsu, Muay Thai and more! Non-contact, not self defense, no equipment needed. HIIT intervals using skill based cardio training. Trains both sides, and body weight training with core-centric movement.

Good Morning Water Aerobics

Get your pool workout done with workout templates developed by our Aquatic Fitness team. Workouts include body-weight resistance and water aerobic equipment. Not instructor led.


Using high-intensity interval training, this is a total body conditioning workout!

Kettlebells & Foam Roller Stretch

Firm your glutes, abs, arms and legs with just one piece of equipment: the kettlebell. Then spend the last few minutes of class stretching and foam rolling, which relieves muscle tension and improves circulation.


Lift your way to fitness with a strength-training program set to music.

Slow Flow Yoga

This class will start with some centering, breath work and then move into gentle openings and body awareness. These actions will prepare our bodies for holding standing poses, sequencing poses, balances and inversions, all while connecting movement with breath.  The class will wind down with some restorative poses to calm the mind and body. Modifications will be offered making this class appropriate for all levels.


Training class using traditional fitness moves for an athletic, conditioning style workout. Use your own body weights as resistance to achieve muscle definition. In STRONG Nation classes, music is the key element. 

Shred it

Total body conditioning focusing on intervals that target every major muscle group and capped off with a metabolic conditioning phase.

Tabata Strength

Build strength and tone muscles in this interval training class using a combination of dumbbells, kettlebells and your own body weight.


This 30 minute, music driven, high intensity cardio conditioning class uses a step to ramp up your calorie burn!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Link breath to movement as you flow through a variety of postures.  Vinyasa flow is a more aerobic yoga class, building strength, endurance, and flexibility. 

Yin Yoga

Reduce stress, increase circulation and improve flexibility with this slow and soothing style of yoga. This deep, meditative stretch is suitable for all levels.

Yoga 1

Relieve stress, improve balance and strengthen your core with yoga. Movements and postures are linked together with breath featuring basic yoga postures. All levels welcome.