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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I find out how many times I've visited the Y this month?


To view your current month number of visits, visit the Y website ( and click "My Account" and log in.

To view your current month number of visits from a mobile device (or the Northfield Y App), click "registration" or "program registration", select "My Account" and log in.

What is a Family Membership?

A Family Membership includes two adults and all children under the age of 18 living in the same household. Exceptions: college kids under the age of 26 can be included by providing a current class schedule; additional adults with special needs can be added under a Family Membership; and exchange students living with the family may also be included.

What is a Family Plus Membership?

As diversity trends reshape our communities, the YMCA has the responsibility to look at the family membership structure and rethink what may constitute a family for some of our members.  The concept of an add-on to the family membership is an easy way to address most multi-adult household scenarios and provide an opportunity for families to continue spending time together at the Y.  The Family Plus Membership allows for a 3rd adult to be included in the family membership, as long as that 3rd adult resides at the same address and shows proof of residence.  The 3rd adult may be an adult child (19+) or grandparent or anywhere in between. 

How do I make changes to my Membership? Cancel my Membership? Put my Membership on Hold?

Go to the Memberships Forms page and click on the form you are looking for. Fill it out and Submit. You will get a confirmation email in 2-3 business days.

Can I view or edit my health insurance fitness reimbursement information online?

Yes, NIHCArewards is the service that works between the Y and your health insurance company to ensure you get your health insurance reimbursement.  They have launched a NEW member portal, called Already Enrolled.  To view or update your information, visit their website at  Reminders: Each member has a unique email; members cannot share one email as a family/couple. You can choose to not use the portal.  You can view the number of visits in past months on this site as well.  More info can be found on this Member Portal Instruction Sheet.

More questions about membership? Call us at 507-645-0088