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We know you're constantly on the go. No matter your career or lifestyle, the Northfield Area Family YMCA is pleased to offer adult members 24/7 access to our facility!



  • Must be an active Northfield Area Family YMCA member and 18+ years of age.
  • Read, fill out, and sign the 24/7 access waiver.
  • Agree to the $5/month 24/7 access fee.
  • Upon payment of your first monthly fee, your membership barcode will be activated to grant you 24/7 access. Processing may take up to 72 hours.
  • You can cancel your 24/7 access fee at any time by contacting Member Services or visiting our website.
  • 24/7 access users enter the facility through the main entrance using their own membership card or their card on the Northfield Y app.


  • Facilities are monitored by our security & video/audio surveillance system. Video footage is reviewed daily.
  • Red emergency telephones are located in the main hallway across from the Member Services desk and on the Wellness floor. Immediately call 911 in case of any emergency.
  • AEDs are located on the wall by the Member Services desk and next to the Wellness Floor elevator. Only use this in case of cardiac emergency and if you have been properly trained on its use.
  • During inclement weather, you may still access the facility, but you do so at your own risk (no snow removal or salting provided).


  • Your 24/7 access and membership card are non-transferable and for your use only. No guests, friends or family are allowed.
  • If you lose or damage your membership card, notify the Y immediately. A replacement can be provided.
  • Ensure that the door closes behind you after entering the building. Do not hold the door for anyone, as they will need to scan their own card for access. All members must scan their own individual card every time they enter during unstaffed hours.
  • If an alarm sounds, members are required to immediately evacuate the building. Emergency personnel and Y staff will be notified and arrive on-site and will then make a determination if/when it is safe to re-enter.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the above guidelines, general Y Code of Conduct policies, or the policies laid out on the waiver form will result in temporary suspension of your 24/7 access, monetary fine (see waiver) or outright revocation of the privilege.
  • In rare instances, facilities may be closed to after-hour access for necessary maintenance or events. Stay updated with our mobile app (Northfield Y) or website (


To get started, download the waiver, sign it and bring it to the Member Services desk.

24/7 Waiver